Why You Should Sell On Shop.fashionpoliceng.com


Is Powered By Fashionpoliceng.com, Which Means Our Visitors Are Screaming To See What You Have In Store.

The Idea is Not To Dump Your Fashion Items On Our Site And Wait For Shoppers. We Want To Take Your Brand To Another Level With Commerce-Driven Contents.

It's Now Time We Refocus Our Attention On Our Brands, So, Won't You Rather Join Us?

But You Have A Big Part To Play Too. Innovative Designs, Quality, And Attention To Details Should Be Your Watchwords Because, We Want Our Visitors/Shoppers Enjoy Whatever They Pay For.

See-now, buy-now approach.

Shop.fashionpoliceng.com and its parent site Fashionpoliceng.com is designed to sale your pieces immediately when your collection drops.

With a product review and 'Buy Now' button, our visitors/shoppers will be able to make instant choice and purchase their coveted items. Which means you obviously do not have anything to worry about.


Shop.fashionpoliceng.com may not be a big name just yet but you can trust
us for our words.


Since security is our topmost priority here, we have installed a standard SSL encryption to ensure your information/data is safe.

Customer service

Be rest assured that we are going to handle the customer service while your part is product packaging and shipping execution. Interesting, right?


We believe in transparency and we are open to whatever question you may want to ask us. As for payments, you will receive it in your preferred accounts before an order is placed.

Other Things To Note.


Self-add items

You can create a store and add your items.

Before you can create a store or start selling with us, you need to apply as a vendor. Please read our FAQs if you're already registered.


Powerful tools

Managing your product is very handy.

At the back-end of your store, you will be able to view your sales report, at the same time manage them.



Trust us, we are here to help.

Want to enlist your products and you get stuck somewhere? Reach out to us any day, anytime and we will help you fix whatsoever.


There is no listing or monthly fees, but there is a small commission fee
per sale and a standard Cash Envoy payment processing fee.

%8 Commission fee.

Payment Processor

We process payments with Cash Envoy - the only online payment processing company in Nigeria endorsed by the CBN.

Local: 1.7% + ₦50.00 | Intl: 3.9% + ₦12.60 as Payment processing fee.


Please note: We will not accept collage product images or any wardrobe item not properly modeled. The image below is our standard requirement (photo credit: SGTC Clothing).

  • No collage product image
  • Every product image must look decent
  • And properly modeled
  • With a decent backdrop
  • Standard image size

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